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  • Boxes - custom designs

    Boxes - custom designs

    Timeless containers.

    Each box is custom designed and hand crafted in sustainable woods

  • New Torii Inspirations

    New Torii Inspirations

    Torii – Entrance to the Sacred.

    The function of a torii is to mark the entrance to a sacred space, and as with many Japanese traditions, the exact origin of torii is not known. Some sources say that the legendary monk Kukai introduced a torana in the ninth century. With the first mention of torii in any texts not until the tenth century, credibility is added to this particular theory. Torii, lit. “bird perch,” mark the transition from the profane to the sacred, and used here becomes the base of a unique line of tables to grace your space.



  • Altar Tables - New Visions

    Altar Tables - New Visions

    This collection offers striking bases, exquisite wood joinery, and some beautiful woods. Birch, walnut, cherry, and now alder added to be used as single woods or in combination.

    Each board is carefully examined with a mind to conserving materials. All woods are carefully selected from sustainable species. Out of some boards there will be only 1/4 inch unused. Our commitment is to use each piece to its fullest potential, with truly minimal waste, so no two tables are exactly alike.

  • Seiza Benches for Meditation

    Seiza Benches for Meditation

    Daily Zen Seiza Benches are hand-made in small custom runs and depending on availability, we now are offering a selection of Birch, Cherry, Maple, and Oak benches. Seiza is a traditional sitting form in martial arts and Japanese culture. It is also one of the four postures in meditation practice.

    Using a cushion or a pad, one kneels onto the floor, then brings the bench over the calves so that one can rest with the buttocks resting squarely on the bench. The knees are about 2 fists apart, the top of the feet resting comfortably on a rug or pad with the toes touching lightly. With the use of the bench, all the stress is removed from the joints and permits longer sitting sessions.

    The basic length is 17-18 inches, the width varies from 6 inches wide for smaller framed people to 6 1/2 inches for medium to large framed people. The height is 7 inches in the back; the curved front leg allows for easy adjustment of posture. We also have some child-sized benches. Please contact us for international shipping, special sizes, or quotes on other custom designs.

    All the woods we use sustainable species that are not listed on any threatened species list. Our benches are finished with hand-rubbed Danish oil, a nontoxic finish. You can use any fine furniture oil to maintain its luster. These benches come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Tenzo Cutting Boards

    Tenzo Cutting Boards

    Add a special touch to your kitchen

  • Custom Designs

    Custom Designs

    A collection of new one of a kind designs

  • Daily Zen Tokonoma

    Daily Zen Tokonoma

    How far back does the idea of a Tokonoma go?

    Tokonoma first appeared in the late Muromachi period (14th-16th c). It consisted of a wall space where scrolls would be hung, with a raised dais for items such as an incense burner, vase for flowers, and candle holder. The items in the Tokonoma, or alcove, of a traditional Japanese teahouse, set the mood and become a conversation point or theme of the tea ceremony. Items might include: a calligraphy scroll with a poetic or Zen phrase to begin the dialog between host and guests.

    Daily Zen’s contribution takes this concept into our times with the original calligraphy laser engraved into birch. Our first offering of this a new line of meditative gifts presents Enter in Peace.

  • Bonsai Display Tables

    Bonsai Display Tables

    Unique display for bonsai or large statues

  • Wood Care Products

    Wood Care Products

    Maintain the quality and luster of all your Daily Zen wood crafts

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