Teisho Today

Years ago a reader of Daily Zen asked if we could add a way for those who are visually impaired to hear the readings each month. Finally, with this current edition of Daily Zen we are able to offer just such a service.

We are pleased to announce the beginning of Teisho Today, a monthly audio release of the current journal. With the generous offer from a long-time, trusted friend of Daily Zen, we now begin a new journey.

So, what exactly is a Teisho? In traditional settings it is a talk given by a Zen master during a retreat; sometimes senior students also gave their own teaching or commentary. In our use we draw on ancient masters from various traditions and countries; our field is wide. Our aim is to keep these teachings alive and fresh for current students of the Way.

Welcome to this current edition …

The Daily Zen Teisho
The Daily Zen Teisho
Dharma Talks – Part 2