About Daily Zen

Contemplative haven since 1998

Daily Zen has been a contemplative haven for online visitors since 1998 offering a unique blend of Eastern quotes for each day of the year, Zen inspired ecards, and a meditation room where at any moment a visitor may be meditating with any one of our Fellow Wayfarers each day.

Over the years Daily Zen has sought to enhance the services to keep the energy of the site fresh. We started with the Daily Quote which grew into different areas of the site, like the Zen Cards, meditation room, and our monthly journal called "On the Way".

This site has operated the past 20 years on the generosity of volunteer efforts and our Honored Sponsors. We now offer a selection of hand-crafted Seiza Meditation Benches, proceeds from which also support the Daily Zen endeavor.

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"This is just to thank you and your team. You saw me through, with yor regular snippets of wisdom and insight and comfort, when I was enduring my darkest time; both my mother and father died and I was brutally attacked in the street and left for dead. Whenever life becomes almost too much to bear, I read excerpts from your journals and links. These are a source of comfort. Thank you again."

- Paul