Seiza Benches for 2019

Birch Meditation Bench

Birch is a symbol of renewal and purification.

Birch is a hard, close-grain wood that is heavy, strong, and resistant to warping in changing climate conditions; used in furniture construction. The birch we have found has fantastic patterns and balance of lighter and darker sections that add a lovely natural contrast. Birch is a domestic wood full of natural waxes that render it water proof and has a nice heft and feel. 

With the use of the bench all the stress is removed from the joints and permits longer, more comfortable sitting meditation sessions. All the woods we use sustainable species that are not listed on any threatened species list. Daily Zen benches are finished with hand-rubbed Danish oil, a non toxic finish. You can use any fine furniture oil to maintain its lustre.

These benches are available in limited quantities, and come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.


Product Reviews

Beautiful seiza bench
I want to thank you again for this beautiful Seiza bench. It is perfect for my needs and has deepened my practice two fold. I really appreciate the time, skill, energy, and love that goes into making these lovely benches!
Wow! I think this bench is wonderful AND perfect! The craftsmanship on it is spectacular and it pleases me not only to rest my "mind" upon it, but also to feel it and examine it. It is truly quite beautiful.

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