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Cave Temples of Mogao at Dunhuang

The Mogao cave temples, near the ancient oasis region of dunhuang on China's fabled Silk Road, constitute one of the world's most significant sites of Buddhist art.  Founded by monks as an isolated monastery in the late fourth century, Mogao evolved into an artisitic and spiritual mecca renowned throughout China and central Asia.  Here, in some five hundred caves carved into rock cliffs on the edge of the Gobi desert, was preserved the pageantry of one thousand years- miles of wall paintings, more than two thousand statues, and tens of thousands of ancient manuscripts.

Cave Temples of Mogao tells the fascinating story of this remarkable site.

Tenzo 015

9 1/2"  w x 15 1/2" l x 3/4" d "Put your awakend mind to work, making a constant effort to serve meals full of variety that are appropriate to the need and the occasion..."  Dogen  So in modern times we strive to put our best eff...

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