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Buddha-Dharma The Way to Enlightenment

This is a massive anthology of sections from the Buddhist sutras and commentaries. The text follows the life of the Shakyamuni Buddha and records some of the teachings and discourses that he delivered throughout his nearly forty-five years of enlightening the world.  The book is now available online as a PDF through this link  https://bdkamerica.org/product/buddha-dharma-the-way-to-enlightenment-2e-hardcover/  updated 10.15.2020

Oak Step Stool 006

16" wide x 10" deep x 8 1/2" tall A most elegant change in stepstools...inspired by the French Country step stool. The oak is sturdy with a heft of solid oak.  Built to hold up for years to come, hand-finished, and with contrasting wood ac...

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