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A Second Zen Reader

Every page of this profoundly erudite book is written with compelling insight. There are five sections, each reflecting in depth a different emphasis by a particular Master or School of Zen. The collection starts with a key text, an inspired and inspiring commentary on a sutra considered by some to be the very kernel of Mahayana Buddhism: the Heart Sutra. But the book's remaining sections, including the celebrated text The Tiger's Cave and other pieces, will also be full of interest to any reader exploring some of the key Zen narratives.

The Buddhist Society Trust 2018

Cherry Jewelry Box SOLD

8" long x 5" wide x 2 1/4" high This delightful cherry jewelry box has a rippling pattern in the wood from a small knot that can be seen in the right lower corner.  Once again the pattern in the wood speaks to what the function will be.&nb...

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