Customized Platforms


$60 – $70 depending on height

Expanding on the basic theme, we offer 4 different size platforms to fit your personal statues or vases.

Option # 1 offers an 18 1/2 inch tall frame with a 14-inch wide platform which is 3 1/2″ deep at the center

Option # 2 offers a contrasting shape of the platform which angles toward the back as opposed to angling outward from the base which creates a platform that is 9 1/2 ” across at the front and 3 3/4″ deep on center

Option # 3 has a platform that is 13″ wide and 3 5/8″ deep

If you have a taller statue like the Kuan Yin, that Tokonoma will be made taller and the cost will reflect that adaptation

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs