Enter in Peace – Limited edition in Cherry


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How far back does the idea of a Tokonoma go?

Tokonoma first appeared in the late Muromachi period (14th-16th c). It consisted of a wall space where scrolls would be hung, with a raised dais for items such as an incense burner, vase for flowers, and candle holder. The items in the Tokonoma, or alcove, of a traditional Japanese teahouse set the mood and become a conversation point or theme of the tea ceremony. Items might include: a calligraphy scroll with a poetic or Zen phrase to begin the dialog between host and guests.

Daily Zen’s contribution takes this concept into our times with original calligraphy laser engraved. Cherry frames the work – currently in production with 5 pieces, then this will complete the offering of this style.

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Dimensions 18.75 × 13 × 1.25 in