Custom Boxes

Each box displays the unique character of the wood used and the creative expression of the artist.

  • Oak and cherry


    Lovely oak box with cherry top

  • Han-shan in the wood

    Who was Han-shan?

  • Walnut

    8 1/2″ x 6″ x 4″ Crafted out of walnut with a stunning top, each piece of wood speaks for itself.

  • Daily Zen Chocolate Box

    Custom crafted out of birch and designed to perfectly hold 7 bars of deluxe chocolate.

  • Cherry Jewelry Box SOLD

    This delightful cherry jewelry box has a rippling pattern in the wood from a small knot that can be seen in the right lower corner.

  • Walnut 004

    The design elements in this box include the narrow channels on all sides of the box, echoed by the same line cut into the handle.

  • Walnut 005

    This walnut box is displayed with resins for incense crafting that add a fragrant essence to the box.

  • Fir and Walnut design

    This lovely box is a lovely balance of the lighter Douglas fir and the rich walnut and features box joints of each wood also.

  • Pencil Box

    This box features a sliding top that snaps nicely shut and glides smoothly to find your pencils.

  • Super Scrabble Letter box!

    True, there is a lot of time now, and finding stimulating and creative ways to be in it is one of the many tests in quarantine.

  • Odds and Ends Box

    Another example of birch and walnut working in tandem.

  • Eye of the Storm – Walnut and Birch


    8 1/4″ long x 5 1/2″ deep  x 3 7/8″ high The design elements in this box include the use of the knot holes occurring naturally in the birch.  The front and back feature knotholes which are lined with walnut to match the interior.  The lid is a rich, warm walnut.  The total effect is […]

  • Walnut and Birch Box 002

    Walnut brings rich patterning to the front of this box.

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