Great Enlightenment – Part 2

“Throughout history, all the woodcutters in the mountains and fishermen in the seas have had enlightenment.” If students study Rinzai’s words they will not be wasting their time. However, we should also study the teachings of other Patriarchs.

The lovely paradox of right intention in practice….who is not mystified by Great Enlightenment?  And yet we are advised, the more we seek it, the more illusive it becomes.  So, out of the corner of our consciousness, we peek from time to time, wondering, even so, where, exactly, and when is this Great Enlightenment?  The maxim we hear in practice “Great effort, no goal” approximates the attitude of right intention.  What a generous discourse on Great Enlightenment Dogen shares with us!

The Daily Zen Teisho
The Daily Zen Teisho
Great Enlightenment - Part 2