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Zen Teaching of Rinzai

Rinzai's “Record” was written by his disciples.  It contains his teachings, episodes from his training and from his teaching career.  As all the great Zen masters, he was firmly based on the Buddhist teachings, conversant with the scriptures, and freely quoting them.  But rather then lip-service and routine learning, he demand a genuine insight into the scriptures, and a life lived out of this insight.  If at times he seems to deride–it is not the scriptures, but his students, who were apt to piously and tenaciously cling to the words rather than attempt to understant them….

from the introduction


In the still night by the vacant window, Wrapped in monk’s robe I sit in meditation, Navel and nostrils lined up straight, Ears paired to the slope of shoulders. Window whitens, The moon comes up; Rain’s stopped, But drops go on dripping. Wond...

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