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Zen Master Dogen: An Introduction with Selected Writings

This book includes the final twelve sections of the Shobogenzo.  These were chosen because they were compiled shortly before Dogen's death and thus in many ways represent the culmination of his mature thought, and because they are among the most readily understood as well as most important parts of the entire work, especially in their discussion of Bodhi-mind, the nature of causation and karma, and the importance of living according to the ideal of the Bodhisattva, one who vows to help all beings realize enlightenment instead of seeking only his own spiritual emancipation.

Box of Starlight – available as custom order

10" long x 6 1/2" wide x 5" high This first Box of Starlight was inspired by the passing of the Daily Zen companion Radar in 2018.  We wanted something special to put his ashes in as many people do when losing a cherished animal friend.&nb...

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