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Zen Letters Teachings of Yuanwu

Zen Letters presents the teachings of the great Chinese master Yuanwu (1063-1135) in direct person-to-person lessons, intimately revealing the inner workings of the psychology of enlightenment. These teachings are drawn from letters written by Yuanwu to various fellow teachers, disciples, and lay students-to women as well as men, to people with families and worldly careers as well as monks and nuns, to advanced adepts as well as beginning students. A key figure of Zen history, Yuanwu is best known as the author of The Blue Cliff Record. His letters, here in English for the first time, are among the treasures of Zen literature.

Walnut and Maple 010

18" long x 7" wide x 3" high The balance of light and dark using maple and walnut with cherry joinery makes a bright statement in any room.  Add your treasured statues or vase of flowers for a charming addition to any room. All our tabl...

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