Lodge Style Walnut


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16 1/2 ” long x 6 1/2″ wide x 3″ high

Elegant in its simplicity with hidden wood joinery, this is a classic statement of walnut at its best.  Strong enough to place one of your heavier pieces with a “nothing-extra” feeling.

The tables from Daily Zen Woodcraft are hand-finished with a simple blend of beeswax, Brazilian carnauba wax, mineral oil, and orange oil to enhance the natural beauty and depth of grain in all woodcrafts. Environmentally safe.  This allows the rich color of the birch, walnut, and cherry patterns in the wood to come through naturally.  We include a sample size of the Feed and Wax we use on each piece to help maintain the luster for years to come.

Each board is carefully examined with a mind to conserving materials.  All woods are carefully selected from sustainable species. Out of some boards, there will be only 1/4 inch unused.  Our commitment is to use each piece to its fullest potential, with truly minimal waste, so no two tables are exactly alike.