Apr 30 2018
In a dream I see the moon
Beams of light woven all around it
The Weaver Girl descends step by step
Not even a cloud to hold her up

She asks my name
“No one you’d know,” I reply
suddenly a pine breeze swirls by
dazzling sunbeams flood my window
— Shih-shu (early 1800's)
Apr 29 2018

All Buddhist teachings originally come from your own inherent nature. The true nature of all phenomena originally comes from your mind. Mind and phenomena are One Thusness: fundamentally there is nothing else. All the defilements that bind you are empty. Misdeeds and merits, right and wrong are all illusions.

— Cuu Chi (19th c)
Apr 28 2018
I was a Zen monk who didn't know Zen
so I chose the woods for the years I had left
a patched robe over my body
braided bamboo around my waist
mountain shade and stream light
explain the Patriarch's meaning
flower smiles and bird songs
reveal the hidden key
sometimes I sit on flat-topped rocks
cloudfree afternoons once a month
— Stonehouse (1272-1352)
Apr 27 2018
How many times
Have I changed my
Firmly determined mind!
Mind, mind,
How unreliable!
— Japanese Folk Zen saying
Apr 26 2018
Rain clears from distant peaks,
Dew glistens frostily.
Moonlight glazes the front of
My ivied hut among the pines.
How can I tell you how I am,
Right now?
A swollen brook gushes
In the valley darkened
By clouds
— Daito (1282-1334)
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