Daily Zennist

June 2024

Playing college judo introduced me to zazen. I’ve also practiced Shotokan karate for a lifetime. Almost lived in the dojo, did zazen twice daily, and listened to Shunryu Suzuki at a Zendo. But enlightenment was of zero interest.

A subtle change began with commercial fishing and doing survey work in wilderness Alaska. Vastness, silence, and the closeness of death make nothingness become real. I’m retired now and practice katas.

Mushin and zanshin prove more elusive than the moves themselves. It’s tricky business. More careful zazen is required. Luckily, a recent deeper exploration of Daily Zen reveals rich resources that had remained invisible to me before. Who knows where it all might lead?

In a darkened room, a single shamisen note might invoke the universe. 

John C.