Dec 26 2017
When one is in harmony
With the way to enlightenment,
One is in the neighborhood of
"A man whose words are believable."
When one's mind is deluded,
One will be obstructed in expressing
The words that can be spoken.
Trifling and decadent customs
Of an age of decline
Are truly difficult to alter;
It is not necessary to damage your spirit
With futile effort.
— Uicih'on (1055-1101)
Dec 25 2017

The Dharma is One Thing; humans are common people. In the Dharma there are two meanings: permanent meaning which cannot be changed, and transient meaning which is affected by the law of causation. In human beings, there are two temperaments: that of sudden awakening and that of gradual cultivation. Thus, it cannot be said that there are not means of teaching with letters and words. For instance, there is a saying: "In public there is not enough space for a needle, but in private a cart can pass."


— Xishan (1520-1604)
Dec 24 2017

Accept my words only when you have examined them for yourselves; do not accept them simply because of the reverence you have for me. Those who only have faith in manand afetion for me will not find the final freedom. But those who have faith in the truth and are determined on the path, they will find awakening.

— Majjhima Nikaya
Dec 23 2017
Without beginning,
Utterly without end,
The mind is born
To struggles and distresses,
And dies—and that is emptiness
— Ikkyu (1394-1481)
Dec 22 2017
You have lived a long time
at Pa-shing Temple;
retired, you're preparing
only now to leave.

On the verge of parting, we look
out upon the bright water of autumn;
you're not returning to your hometown
nor to the countryside near it

You will hang your Buddhist staff in a tree
where the sky reaches to a watery horizon;
where the door-leaf of your hut
opens on great mountains.

Below, you will see dawn
a thousand li away
a miniature sun
born of a cold white sea.
— Chia Tao
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