Nov 15 2017

What is One Thing? A man of old put it this way: "Even before the first Buddha was born, It was encircled, infinitely bright all round. Even Shakymuni did not know its meaning. How could Mahakasyapa possibly convey It?"

— Xishan (1520-1604)
Nov 14 2017
In middle life, I loved the way.
Now in old age,
Retired beneath the southern hills,
When fancy strikes,
I stroll alone,
Drunk with joy of sight and sound,
To water's head and seated watch the furling clouds,
And talk and laugh by the hour
With a forest ancient met by chance.
— Wang Wei (701-761)
Nov 13 2017
A monk's robe hangs in the hilltop hut,
Through the window, a water bird glides
In the unpeopled space beyond.
At dusk I took the downhill path,
And heard the sound of spring water,
Parting with regret.
— Meng Haoran (689-740)
Nov 12 2017

You should realize that this is the last day of your life. Have you prepared yourself for today's matter?

You cannot prepare by studying the sutras and teachings, you cannot prepare by reciting from your Chan notebooks, and you cannot prepare by maintaining a clever mind.

Precisely at this time when you are dying and all confused, forgetting instantly everything you remembered in the past — at this point is it necessary that you establish yourself in the ground of truth, and it is no use trying to do it in a superficial manner.

Right away, for twenty-four hours a day, you should all prepare for it by ceasing and resting. You must completely let go of all worldly concerns and sit totally still in the "dry wood hall." You must die a turn and then in this death establish everything in the whole universe.

— Danxia Zichun
Nov 11 2017
Buddha's law is of this world
And not beyond
To search beyond
Seeks horns upon a rabbit
— Huineng (618-713)
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