Oct 03 2017
In the still night by the vacant window,
Wrapped in a monk’s robe I sit in meditation,
and nostrils lined up straight,
Ears paired to the slope of shoulders.
Window whitens--the moon comes up;
Rain’s stopped, but drops go on dripping.
Wonderful—the mood of this moment—
Distant, vast!
— Ryokan (1758-1831)
Oct 02 2017

Consciousness and perception range from shallow to deep. As for profound perceptions, they are pure through the ages. They are the basis to influence and cultivate mind from the first generation of the aspiration for enlightenment until the achievement of buddhahood without falling back.

— Records of the Lanka
Oct 01 2017

If we have presence of mind then whatever work we do will be the very tool which enables us to know right and wrong continually. There is plenty of time to meditate, we just don't fully understand the practice, that's all. While sleeping we breathe, eating we breathe, don't we? Why don't we have time to meditate? Wherever we are we breathe. If we think like this then our life has as much value as our breath, wherever we are we have time.

— Ajahn Chah
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