Sep 25 2017
Know the essence of mind.
Its intrinsic essence is pure clarity.
It is essentially the same as a Buddha.
Know the functions of the mind.
Its functions produce the treasure of teachings.
When its activity is always silent,
Myriad illusions become suchness.
Constantly be aware,
Without stopping.
— Tao-hsin (580-651)
Sep 24 2017

To know that the one good is balance and yet not to reach balance, to know all phenomena are mind and yet not to understand mind; this is confusion. To know the matter of birth and death is serious and yet not to realize birthlessness, to know impermanence is swift and yet not to realize there is fundamentally no speed; this is confusion.

— Records of the Lanka
Sep 23 2017
Once you realize
Universal emptiness,
All situations are naturally mastered.
You have perfect communion with
What is beyond the world,
While embracing
What is within the realms of being.
If you miss the essence of Zen,
After all,
There’s nothing to it.
If you get its function,
It has spiritual effect.
— Fenyang
Sep 22 2017
When one comes to the Essence of Being
The shining Wisdom of Reality
Illumines all like the cloudless sky.
— Milarepa
Sep 21 2017
Just get to the root,
Don’t worry about the branches,
For someday
You will come
To have them naturally.
If you have not attained the basis,
Even if you
Consciously study
You cannot attain the outgrowths either.
— Yangshan
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