Aug 06 2017
When all hope of
Profit and fame is gone,
Yes and no, right and wrong
Lose their meanings.
The world no longer
Draws me to the front door.
Green trees lean over
And shade a corner of the house.
Blue hills fill to perfection
The space over the wall.
Here is a simple
Bamboo fence and thatched cottage.
— Ma Chih-Yuan
Aug 05 2017
For so long here
Without worldly attachments,
I have renounced literature and writing;
I may be a monk in a mountain temple,
Yet, am still moved in seeing gorgeous blossoms
Scattered by the spring breeze,
And hearing the warbler’s lovely song
Let others judge my meager efforts.
— Dogen (1200-1253)
Aug 04 2017
Green waters and verdant mountains
Are the places to walk in meditation;
By the streams or under the trees
Are places to clear the mind.
Observe impermanence,
Never forget it;
This urges on the will to seek enlightenment.
— Keizan Jokin (1264-1325)
Aug 04 2017
The first state is identical
with the eighth stage.
Since there are no stages that exist,
how could there be a sequence of stages?
— Lankavatara Sutra
Aug 03 2017

Even for one
the world
is a place
of trials;
with what
feeling, then,
must the parent bamboos watch
their young shoots
as they grow!
— Shotetsu (1381-1459)
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