Aug 31 2017
The bait is the means
To get the fish where you want it;
Catch the fish
And you discard the bait.
Words are the means
To get the idea where you want it;
Catch on to the idea
And you forget about the words.
— Zhuangzi
Aug 30 2017
Every plant and tree knows
Summer will soon be gone
A hundred pinks and purples
Compete with their bouquets
Willow fuzz and elm pods
Lack such clever means
They only know how to fill the sky with snow.
— Han Yu (768-824)
Aug 29 2017
Autumn gales drive the shimmering
Silver saucer of the moon;
Its reflection falls on the clear river,
Cold as a great length of glassy silk.
Even if red flowers of waterwort
Were added to these banks
For the person of the Way
There is only perception of the one-color realm.
— Sesson Yubai (1290–1346)
Aug 28 2017
The imperfect becomes whole.
How true that is!
To become whole and
Return to the Source,
One must ever be in accord
With nature.
There is nothing in the world
So weak as water,
Nor anything strong enough
To overcome it.
The person of great wisdom
Is like water which,
Though benefiting all things,
Never strives.
— Lao-tzu
Aug 27 2017
Just as the soft rains fill the streams,
Pour into the rivers,
And join together in the oceans,
So many the power of every moment
Of your goodness flow forth to awaken
And heal all beings;
Those here now,
Those gone before,
Those yet to come.
— Traditional Buddhist blessing
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