Jul 21 2017
In the transformations of dusk and dawn, skies
Fill rivers and mountains with crystalline light,
Crystalline light bringing such effortless joy
A wanderer rests content, all return forgotten.
The sun was rising when I left my valley home,
And daylight faint before I started back, sailing
Past forested canyons gathering dusky colors
And twilight mist mingling into flushed cloud,
Past lotus and chestnut a lavish luster woven
Through reeds and rice-grass toppled together.
— Hsieh Ling-yun (385-433)
Jul 20 2017
Mountain sounds carry a chill wisdom
an upwelling spring whispers subtle tales
pine breezes stir the fire beneath my tea
bamboo shadows soak deep into my robe

I grind my ink: clouds scraping across the crags
copy out a verse: birds settling on branches
as the world rolls right on by
its every turn tracing out non-action
— Shih-shu (17th-18th c)
Jul 19 2017
There is One Thing,
which has always been bright and holy;
It has no beginning and no end,
and It has neither name nor form.
— Xishan (1520-1604)
Jul 18 2017
If you seek to dwell in peace,
Cold Mountain is the place.
A zephyr gently sighs between the pines,
Its sound more closely heard the better.
Beneath the pines an old white-beard
Mumbles the words of Huang and Lao
Alone a decade here without return.
Forgotten now,
The path by which he came.
— Han Shan
Jul 17 2017
Having frolicked together
In the Lotus Storehouse World System,
We pledged to meet again.
Meeting you in person
Across the blue waves,
I realize our connection
From a previous life.
Desiring the Dharma Eye
To be forever free of deficiencies
Careful! Don't speak lightly of
A transmission outside of the teaching.
— Uicih'on (1055-1101)
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