Jun 30 2017
The world? Moonlit
Drops shaken
From the crane’s bill.
— Dogen (1200 – 1253)
Jun 29 2017

The Dharma of the Buddha does not require a person to go into homelessness or to resign from the world, unless he or she feels called upon to do so. The Dharma asks every person to free themselves from the illusion of self, to cleanse one’s heart, to give up one’s thirst for pleasure, and lead a life of balance.

— Buddhacarita
Jun 28 2017
In the mountainside meditation hut,
Just a monk’s robes.
And outside windows, no one.
Birds at the stream take flight.
Yellow dusk stretching half-way
Down the mountain rode,
I hear cascades in love with
Kingfisher-greens gone dark.
— Meng hao-jan (689-740)
Jun 27 2017
Everyone holds a luminous jewel,
All embrace a precious gem;
If you do not turn your attention
Around and look within,
You will wander from home
With a hidden treasure.
— Dogen (1200-1253)
Jun 26 2017
Today I say before the cliffs
Sat until the mist blew off
A rambling clear stream shore
A towering green ridge crest
Cloud’s dawn shadows still
Moon’s night light adrift
Body free of dust
Mind without a care.
— Cold Mountain
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