May 21 2017
Range upon range
of distant peaks,
facing cliffs,
pushing against barriers;
if you linger in thought,
holding back your energy,
you will get stuck.
— Yuan-wu (1063-1135)
May 20 2017
When you’re both alive and dead,
Thoroughly dead to yourself,
How superb
The smallest pleasure!
— Bunan (1602 –1676)
May 19 2017

I tell people to get to know the self, but seekers who hear this equate it with what beginners see, and think there is nothing hard to understand about it.

You should take it more slowly for a while, and be more careful.

What do you call the self?

— Foyan (1067-1120)
May 18 2017
For seventy two years
I've kept the ox well under.
Today, the plum in bloom again,
I let him wander in the snow.
— Bokuo (1384-1455)
May 17 2017

With the moon emerged,
my mind is motionless
Sitting on this frosty seat,
No further dream of fame.
The forest,
The mountains follow their ancient ways,
And through the long
Spring day, not even
The shadow of a bird.

— Reizan ( d. 1411)
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