Mar 16 2017
Enlightenment Song

Every green mountain is the
Cave of Amitabha Buddha
And the boundless sea is the
Palace of nirvana.
Mar 15 2017
The bush warbler
Has flown to the city to sing;
In the mountain village
A lone plum tree
Blooms fragrantly.
— Rengetsu (1791-1875)
Mar 14 2017
Nature makes clear the windy air,
And bright the round moon.
In the bamboo garden, on the
Pine fence, not a speck of dust.
How fresh and fervent my life
With a long lute and piled scrolls!
— Kwon Ho-mun (1532-1587)
Mar 13 2017

Today in the spring
The friendship between us
Adds warmth to the sunlight.

— Soseki
Mar 12 2017

“Sweep away thoughts!” means one must do zazen. Once thoughts are quieted, the Original Face appears. Thoughts can be compared to clouds—when clouds vanish, the moon appears. The moon of suchness is the Original Face.

Thoughts are also like the fogging of a mirror—when you wipe away all condensation, a mirror reflects clearly. Quiet your thoughts and behold your Original Face before you were born.

— Daito
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