Jan 06 2017
Just detach from all sound and form,
And do not dwell in detachment,
And do not dwell in intellectual understanding,
This is practice. Baizhang
Jan 05 2017
What does the old master do here?
By the side of the rock
He is hunting for a new verse.
Suddenly a cool breeze
Blows from the pine tree;
Silently and quietly it
Purifies spirit and thought.
— Shih t’ao (1641–1717)
Jan 04 2017

The great way of the buddhas is profound, wondrous, inconceivable; how could its practice be easy? Have you not seen how the ancients gave up their bodies and lives, abandoned their countries, cities, and families, looking upon them as shards of tile? After that they passed eons living alone in the mountains and forests, bodies and minds like dead trees; only then did they unite with the way. Then they could use the mountains and rivers for words, raise the wind and rain for a tongue, and explain the great void, turning the incomparable wheel.

— Dogen (1200-1253)
Jan 03 2017
My thatched hut; the whole sky
Is its roof
The mountains are its hedge,
And it has the sea for a garden.
I’m inside with nothing at all,
Not even a bag,
And yet there are visitors who say
“It’s hidden behind a bamboo door”
— Muso Soseki (1275-1351)
Jan 02 2017
The wise people of old who
Took goodness as their way
Were retiring as though shy
Their conduct to all was
Respectful as though to
Honored guests;
They could adapt themselves
Like ice melting before a fire;
They were artless
As blocks of uncarved wood.
— Lao tzu
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