Jan 21 2016

Put down your myriad of concerns and wake up. At the end of the road it’s like an iron wall. False thoughts are all extinguished, and extinguishing is wiped away. Body and mind seem to be resting on the void. In the stillness a light reaches everywhere with its brilliance.

— T’aego
Jan 20 2016
If you did not attain
Enlightenment in the past, do so now.
Liberate this body
That is the culmination of many lifetimes.
Before enlightenment,
Ancient buddhas were like us.
When enlightened we will be like those of old.
— Longya
Jan 19 2016
Happening into realms peach-blossom pure,
I begin to feel the depths of a bamboo path,
And soon come to know a master’s timeless dwelling.
It’s far beyond things people seek.
Cranes dancing over steps all stone idleness,
Gibbons in flight howling amid thick forests,
I slowly fathom dark-enigma’s inner pattern,
And sitting at such depths, forget mind itself.
— Meng Hao-jan (689-740)
Jan 18 2016

Enlightenment and clarity of the mind occur only in response to the sustained effort of study and practice. Endeavoring in the way ripens the conditions of your practice. It is not that the sound of the bamboo is sharp or the color of the blossoms is vivid. Although the sound of the bamboo is wondrous, it is heard at the moment when it’s hit by a pebble. Although the color of the blossoms is beautiful, they do not open by themselves but unfold in the light of springtime. Studying the way is like this. You attain the way when conditions come together. Although you have your own capacity, you practice the way with the combined strength of the community. So you should practice and search with one mind with others.

— Dogen (1200-1253)
Jan 17 2016
Go straight to the empty and free and vast,
With no pondering what to think.
The previous thought is already extinct,
The following thought does not arise,
The present thought is itself empty.
— T’aego
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