Jan 28 2015
I explain to you matters pertaining to enlightenment,
But don’t try to keep your mind on them.
Just turn to the ocean of your own essence
And develop practical accord with its nature.
— Yangshan
Jan 27 2015
The teaching of the mind ground
is the basis of Zen study.
The mind ground is the
great awareness of
being as is.
— Fayan (885-958)
Jan 26 2015
Few people believe their inherent mind is Buddha.
Most will not take this seriously,
And therefore are cramped.
They are wrapped up in illusions, cravings,
Resentments, and other afflictions,
All because they love the cave of ignorance.
— Fenyang
Jan 25 2015
In the awakened eye
Mountains and rivers
Completely disappear.
The eye of delusion
Looks out upon
Deep fog and clouds
Alone on my zazen mat
I forget the days
As they pass
The wisteria has grown
Thick over the eaves
Of my hut.
— Muso (1275-1351)
Jan 24 2015

The World Dharma is the same as the Buddha Dharma. If you do not have faith that you can attain enlightenment through the World Dharma, you know nothing of the true essence of Buddhism.

— Shosan
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