Sermon of Zen Master Bassui – Part 2

Now, then, when you look for what is the host, the master who is now seeing colors, hearing sounds, raising hands and moving feet, though you realize all this is the doing of your own mind, actually you don’t know what its inner reality is. If you say it is nonexistent, it is clear that it is free to act; if you say it exists, its form cannot be seen.

At times when you read about what it takes to break through our illusions, it can feel a bit overwhelming. The intensity and steadfastness of the wise ones of old is humbling when we look clearly at our own efforts; one thing we must remember, though, is not to compare ourselves to others, but rather allow the stories to inspire us to go further.

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The Daily Zen Teisho
The Daily Zen Teisho
Sermon of Zen Master Bassui - Part 2