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The Roaring Stream - A New Zen Reader

Edited by Jack Shoemaker, Nelson Foster

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Ten Guidelines for the Ch’an School

Fa-yen (885-958) The purpose of Zen is to enable people to immediately transcend the ordinary and the holy, just getting people to awaken on their own, forever cutting off the root of doubt.... View Journal Entry »

From the Record of Lin-chi

Lin-chi (d. 867) Someone asked: “What do you mean by the true Buddha, the true Dharma, and the true Way? Would you be good enough to explain to us?” The Master said:... View Journal Entry »

From the Record of Things Heard

Dogen (1200-1253) One day a student asked: “I have spent months and years in earnest study, but I have yet to gain enlightenment. Many of the old masters say that the Way does not... View Journal Entry »

Where to Locate the Mind

Muso (1275-1351) People meditating on the fundamental carry out their ordinary tasks and activities in the midst of meditation and carry out meditation in the midst of ordinary tasks and... View Journal Entry »

Mountain Poems

Shih-wu (1272-1352) Here in the woods I have lots of free time. When I don't spend it sleeping, I enjoy composing chants. But with paper and ink so scarce, I haven't thought about... View Journal Entry »

Song of Realizing the Way

Yung-chia (d. 713) Haven’t you met someone seasoned in the Way of Ease, a person with nothing to do and nothing to master, who neither rejects thought nor seeks truth? The real nature... View Journal Entry »