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Translated by Thomas Cleary Thomas Cleary

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Essential Zen teachings on realizing the original mind in all of us.  These teachings have been selected from the voluminous Zen canon for their accessibility, their clarity, and above all their practical effectiveness in fostering Zen concentrations and insights.  This is Zen guidance presented by the masters for over a thousand years.

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Avoiding Foxes and Dogs

Yuan-hsien (1618-1697) The basic essential nature inherent in all people is clearly evident when you constantly perceive it within yourself; if you pursue external objects, then it becomes... View Journal Entry »

Three Sources of Truth

 Natural Real Buddha Nature The natural, real Buddha nature is always inherently complete and luminous; it was thus before our parents gave birth to us, it is thus right now, and it will... View Journal Entry »

Stopping and Seeing

Wei-tse (d. 1348) "Calmness and insight develop through stilling thoughts: the mind of the buddhas manifests therein." This saying seems to refer to cessation and observation, or stopping and... View Journal Entry »

Empty and Quiet

Yuan-hsien (1618-1697) People learning the way should first empty and quiet their minds. This is because the mind must be empty before it can mystically understand the subtle principle. If... View Journal Entry »

The Mind Monarch

Fu Shan-hui (487-569) Observe the empty monarch of mind; mysterious, subtle, unfathomable, it has no shape or form, yet it has great spiritual power, able to extinguish a thousand troubles... View Journal Entry »

True Mind

Yuan-hsien (1618-1697) There are not many arts to Zen study; it just requires knowing your own true mind. Now observe that within this body the physical elements combine temporarily, daily... View Journal Entry »