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Zen is for Everyone – The Xiao Zhi Guan text by Zhi Yi

The Xiao Zhi Guan makes the practice of Zen, a seemingly harsh and strict discipline, accessible to the lay person.  Popularly known as Beginner's Zen and The Little Samatha Vipasana Manual, this charmingly simple book of meditation has been a favorite of teachers and students of Zen from the sixth century to the present.  Its author Zhi Yi (538-597), was the founder of Tiantai Buddhism in China.

Oak Step Stool 006

16" wide x 10" deep x 8 1/2" tall A most elegant change in stepstools...inspired by the French Country step stool. The oak is sturdy with a heft of solid oak.  Built to hold up for years to come, hand-finished, and with contrasting wood ac...

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