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The Secrets of Chinese Meditation

The Buddhist meditation master Lu K'uan Yü (Charles Luk), born 1898 in Canton, translates long extracts from classics on Chinese meditational practices, including a chapter from the Surangama Sutra that describes 25 basic meditational methods.  The Ch'an training for controlling the mind is given in a series of practical instructions by ancient and modern Ch'an masters.  Detailed suggestions for practicing the vital T'ien T'ai systems for calming the mind and developing insight follow in a first translation of Chih I's sixth century classic Samatha –Vipassana for Beginners.  Two chapers devoted to Taoist Yoga are included.

Treasure Box

9" wide x 5" deep x 4 1/2" high Unique, rounded corners in walnut and oak; attention to detailing in the wood joinery. There are multiple design elements incorporated into this gift box which really give it a special look. Each one of these boxes...

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