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Attaining the Way – A Guide to the Practice of Chan Buddhism

This is an inspiring guide to the practice of Chan (Chinese Zen) in the words of four great masters of that tradition. It includes teachings from contemporary masters Xuyun and Sheng Yen, and from Jiexian and Boshan of the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644). Though the texts were written over a period of hundreds of years, they are all remarkably lucid and are perfect for beginners as well as more advanced practitioners today. All the main points of spiritual practice are covered: philosophical foundations, methods, approaches to problems and obstacles—all aimed at helping the student attain the way to enlightenment.

Walnut and Birch Torii 003

16 1/2" long x 7" wide x 3 3/4" high Walnut in the center, framed with birch sides and legs makes this another inspiring table to showcase your special statues, flower vases, or bells! The tables from Daily Zen Woodcraft are hand-finished wi...

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