Daily Zen Testimonials

from Fellow Wayfarers…

“Thank you very, very, very much for this profound message!!! It is right where I am this morning…. and in this life.”

– Michelle

“Thank you very much for all the energy and care you gave to everyone, always. I live in Uruguay and here we had a very, very, very difficult year but I always get peace reading my Daily Zen and I can give some peace to my friends through the quotes. Love and Peace, Health and Work, the best for all of you…”

– Silvana

“Thank you for being the island of sanity where I start my day.”

– Mary

“I know I’ve thanked you in the past, but this journal has prompted me to do so again. It’s very hard to find an approach on a way to live in these modern times. So many obstacles and options. The Way is a hard path to follow in these ‘pedal to the metal times’ we live in. Thank you for helping try and slow things down in my own mind. The service you provide is truly appreciated.”

– Brian

“Been to daily zen and saw the designs, made me happy.”

– Suraj Mumbai

“I’d like you to know that I have been reading the past Journals and I am always enlightened and delighted! I start in the morning with the Daily Zen and doing so always brings smile to my soul. Thank you again for your wonderful gift!”

– Mei Ling

“You are indeed a bright light in the midst of chaos. My house burned to the ground Saturday, and I unable to focus, however, reading the September Journal, I realize all is perfect and that I too, can maintain a steadfast approach in this time of transition. Thank you.”

– Alexandra

All I know is that when I want to give gifts to my friends, relatives, family and the rest of the World I want to give them something which plants a seed of subtle refinement and upliftment – or even moments of expansion. The offerings of Zen daily do just that. Refine, elevate the mind and helps to heal causes and conditions for our suffering. When the mind expands beyond desire, the act of good intention is more important than the actual gift, people feel loved.

– Karen S

Just wanted to let you know how much I loved this October edition with Ajahn Chah!  Very mind opening.  A definite boon to my practice!
Hope you are well and enjoying a lovely autumn season

– Heather B

“LOVE THIS WEBSITE! Just wanted to show my gratitude and appreciation for this absolutely AWESOME site. THANK YOU SO MUCH! These cards offer respite, peace and beauty in our war-torn world. You DO make a difference…”

– Lisa Cornelius, OR

I purchased an Aum poster a few years back and currently have it framed in my bedroom.  I see it every night before going to bed and every morning on waking up.  It begins and ends my day with the tranquil peace of Aum.    

– Sergio M

“Thank you so much for adding the bell for meditation. For me, it adds to the meditative ambiance, helping to make my quiet time even more complete. Meditating each day with Daily Zen has become an important part of my life’s spiritual journey. Thank you for providing the Meditation Hall.”

– Sandi V. Prescott, AZ

“Just wanted to thank you for being there. There are times that I dont even have time to read my Zen Journal… but when I do it is always a perfect fit for what I’m needing to hear and experience or to meditate upon to clear my way… so… THANK YOU!!”

– Karen

“Just wanted to thank you for having and keeping me on your list. It is the best thing I receive on email!”

– Darren

Greetings from London, U.K. Just to say thank you for your good work.
Daily Zen sees me through. Thank you so much

– Ian

“Today’s quote was helpful. In the midst of a turbulent time it is not easy to maintain, or even attain, the balance and calm of your beautiful quote… but hopefully I will continue to evolve in that direction. Peace to all….”

– Susan Kolkata, India

“This is just to thank you and your team. You saw me through, with yor regular snippets of wisdom and insight and comfort, when I was enduring my darkest time; both my mother and father died and I was brutally attacked in the street and left for dead. Whenever life becomes almost too much to bear, I read excerpts from your journals and links. These are a source of comfort. Thank you again.”

– Paul

Daily Zen has provided an oasis of calm and serenity.  I really enjoy sending your Zen cards to family members and they enjoy receiving them.  We have been blessed many time by this work and Daily Zen.  Thank you! 

– K. Connor

“When I ring the meditation gong I open to the idea of people all over the world meditating with me. And I sit, feeling all our spirits together. What an incredible sense of being. Again, I thank you.”

– Helen

“A friend from Denmark sent my wife and I a Zencard. Since then, I have made signing on to Daily Zen a part of my morning ritual. The people of this site have a simple grasp of the Nature and the Experience, of not only Buddhism or of Taoism, but of the commonality of all spiritual practices. Change is inevitable, but never let Daily Zen lose its focus. Peace be with you all”

– John H. Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Thank you so much for you beautiful and inspirational site. I love your calendar and it is on my wall at work to remind me of the beauty and joy and peace to live each day. Your daily messages and journal keep my sights in the right direction. Thank you and I send you blessings and love too for Christmas and the New Year.”

– Ann