November 06th, 2018

Stabilization of the Basis

When a tree does not flower and fruit in a reasonable time after it has been planted, we know that the roots have not set firmly, so attention must be given to the proper care of the roots above all. If you do not realize the problem is in the roots and just try to make branches grow and flowers bloom, the roots will go on withering all the while you are devoting your attention to the outgrowths.

Similarly, even if you have realized the meaning of Zen, if your capacities and functions have not developed, you still should not devote your attention to these outgrowths. Rather you should dwell on correct mindfulness of the fundamental so as to get rid of the views of personal and religious ego, getting beyond both ordinary feelings and religious experiences, thus thoroughly embracing the fundamental transcending them all.

Muso Kokushi (1275-1351)