May 17th, 2015

Contemplate your own inherent mind. During lulls in the myriad functions of the day, sit upright without thinking of good or evil at all, abandoning at once all phenomena of body and mind, just sit like the golden statue of Buddha. Then the false thinking of birth and destruction is totally obliterated, and the obliterating is obliterated, in an instant the mind-ground is quiet and motionless, with nothing to rest on. Body and mind are suddenly empty: it’s like leaning on the void. All that appears here is total clarity and illumination.

At this moment, you should look carefully at your original face before your father and mother were born. As soon as it is brought up, you awaken to it: then, like a person drinking water, you know yourself whether it is cool or warm. It cannot be described or explained to anyone else. It’s just a luminous awareness covering heaven and earth.

T'aego (1301-1382)