May 19th, 2020

In the far distance rises Hua Shan with its great precipices and awesome chasms. Out of a gorge rush waters of turquoise blue cascading over white stones. Perched on the cliffs are shrines to the mountain gods who send fertile rains to the people on the plains. In the temples Taoist monks read the sacred texts and burn incense on the altars. Their features are weather-lined and their gowns patchwork.

For decades they seek the path of truth; they watch the drifting clouds, the fathomless depths, the passing of time. These followers of Lao-tze know of the Great Ultimate; they peruse the sacred writings. Their minds are not bound to either master or book, but schooled by the mountain and enlightened by the Way of Nature.

Hua Shan Gazetteer, Han-shan chih