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Swampland Flowers: The Letters and Lectures of Zen Master Ta Hui

Translated by J. C. Cleary J.C. Cleary

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“Do not grasp another’s bow”

Ta Hui (1088-1163) “Do not grasp another’s bow; do not ride another’s horse; do not meddle in another’s affairs.” Though this is a commonplace saying, it can... View Journal Entry »

Nothing to Attain

Ta Hui ( 1088-1163) People often use the mind which assumes "there is something to attain" to seek the Dharma wherein there is nothing to attain. What do I mean by the mind which assumes... View Journal Entry »

Clear the Mind

Ta Hui (1089-1163) Buddha said, if you want to know the realm of buddhahood, you must make your mind as clear as empty space and leave false thinking and all grasping far behind, causing your... View Journal Entry »

The Great Affair

Ta Hui (1088-1163) This affair is like the bright sun in the blue sky, shining clearly, changeless and motionless, without diminishing or increasing. It shines everywhere in the daily... View Journal Entry »