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Journeys on Mind Mountain

G. BlueStone G BlueStone

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Heaven and Earth

Author unknown, 1739 The Great Way is formless; the universe is the Way with form. The universe itself does not speak; sages are a universe that can speak. I did not get to see the sages, but... View Journal Entry »

Cultivating the Empty Field

Hongzhi (1091-1157)  The Amazing Living Beings Our house is a single field, clean, vast, and lustrous, clearly self-illuminated. When the spirit is vacant without conditions, when... View Journal Entry »

Climbing a Mountain, Crossing a River

Liu I-ming (1737-?) When you climb a mountain, you put forth effort with every step, not resting until you reach the summit. When you cross a river you take care with every step, not relaxing... View Journal Entry »

Mountain Poems

Shih-wu (1272-1352) Here in the woods I have lots of free time. When I don't spend it sleeping, I enjoy composing chants. But with paper and ink so scarce, I haven't thought about... View Journal Entry »