Daily Zennist

February 2024

I read Daily Zen every morning before I sit as its focus on oneness I find beneficial. I have a lovely maple tree across the street from my room.

It sits on land which contains a city owned water tower. The city takes care of the tower but woefully neglects the land. Each Fall the trees gives me the gift of its exceptional transience.

Months ago I noticed there was a great deal of ivy, which had invaded the tree in a parasitic relationship, so I went over and pruned it out. This year the tree was exceptionally stunning as if to say “thank you.” Does the tree know? Does it matter?

It’s snowing here right now so I took a picture of the tree in her Winter splendor:

My morning Daily Zen, prior to my sitting, always helps my perspective. I don’t avoid the external world as it too is part of ‘no thing,’ as am I, but seek to meld my center with my humanness.

It was written that no snowflake falls in an inappropriate place.

Flake by flake,
Each flake falls,
In its own proper place.

Layman Pang

Sometimes, being human, I forget this. I forget each person (snowflake) is exactly where they are despite my opinion as to where they should be!

Ahh, the gift of Daily Zen. A gentle perspective nudge. A reminder that I, and the other snowflakes fall where they fall…and thus tension is melted…acceptance and gratitude its replacement.

Chris S.