Daily Zennist

April 2024

I start each day with the Daily Zen quotations and follow up with a period of meditation. A great way to start my day.

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Additionally, I send Zencards to friends and have purchased items from the gift shop which are really wonderful and reasonably priced. The introduction of audio readings along with the written Journals each month is also a welcome addition to the site.

I grew up in a New York church with traditional beliefs; an example of this being “our religious beliefs lead to heaven; other beliefs lead to hell.” Finding Daily Zen lead me to a Zen Buddhist retreat furthering my knowledge over the next few years.

I currently attend a Buddhist meeting on a weekly basis and meditate and pray on a daily basis. Being a long time visitor to Daily Zen has over the many years improved my life and well being.

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The information accessible on a daily basis continues to enhance my life; the paintings enhance my home also.

Many thanks to all those at Daily Zen.

Sergio M.