Mar 24 2019
Magnanimous Mind
Is like a mountain,
Stable and impartial;
Exemplifying the ocean, it
Reflects the broadest perspective.
— Dogen (1200-1253)
Mar 23 2019
The myriad differences
Resolved by sitting,
All doors opened.
In this still place
I follow my nature,
Be what it may.
From the one hundred
Flowers I wander freely,
The soaring cliff,
A hall of meditation.
— Reizan (~1411)
Mar 22 2019
All along the trail of moss,
I followed your wooden shoeprints.
White clouds hung around
Your little island where spring
Grass hid your unlocked door.
I enjoyed the colors of pines after rain
And reached the river’s source
Along the mountain trail.
Facing the stream and the flowers
I came inside a sense of Zen,
Yet cannot find the words.
— Liu Chang Ching (709-780)
Mar 21 2019
Bone-chilling snow
On a thousand peaks
Wild raging wind from
Ten thousand hollows
When I first awaken,
Deep beneath my blanket
I forget my body is
In a silent void.
— Han-shan Te-ch’ing (1546-1623)
Mar 20 2019

Comprehending the fundamental,
Embracing the spirit,
Roam the root of heaven and earth,
Wander beyond the dust and dirt,
Travel to work at noninvolvement.
Take care not to let mechanical
Intelligence burden your mind;
Watch what is not temporal
And remain unmoved by things.

— Lao tzu
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