Jan 31 2019

People who practice the Way should not seek externally. The essence of mind has no defilement; it is originally complete and perfect of itself.

Just detach from illusory objects, and it is enlightened to suchness as is.

— Chinul (1158-1210)
Jan 30 2019
The birds have vanished into the sky.
Now the last cloud drains away.
We sit together, the mountain and me,
Until only the mountain remains.
— Li Po (701–762)
Jan 29 2019
Because they have no high
Opinions of themselves,
The sages’ minds are luminous;
Not caring for status,
They become illustrious;
Being without pride,
They achieve success;
Unassertive, they are supreme.
Because they do not contend,
No one contends with them.
— Lao-tzu
Jan 28 2019

We know that there is no Buddhahood to attain apart from this mind. The Realized Ones of the past were just people who understood the mind, and the saints and sages of the present are people who cultivate the mind; students of the future should rely on this principle.

— Chinul (1158-1210)
Jan 27 2019
To return to your original state of being,
You must become a master of stillness.
Activity for health’s sake,
Never carried to the point of strain,
Must alternate with perfect stillness.
Sitting motionless as a rock,
Turn next to stillness of mind.
Close the gates of the senses.
Fix your mind upon one object or,
Even better, enter a state
Of objectless awareness.
Turn the mind in upon itself
And contemplate the inner radiance.
— Anonymous
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