Oct 31 2018
I gaze on myself
In the stream’s emerald flow
Or sit on a boulder by a cliff.
My mind, a lonely cloud,
Leans on nothing,
Needs nothing
From the world and its endless events.
— Han Shan (9th c)
Oct 30 2018
I pass pines and oaks ten men
Could not reach around. I cross
Flooded streams. My bare feet stumble
On the cobbles. The water roars.

My clothes whip in the wind. This
Is the only life where a person
Can find happiness. Why do I
Spend my days bridled like a horse
With a cruel bit in my mouth?
If I only had a few friends
Who agreed with me we'd retire
To the mountains and stay till our lives end.
— Han Yu
Oct 29 2018
The night goes on as I lie and listen
To the great peace.
Insects chirp and click in the stillness.
The pure moon rises over the ridge
And shines in my door.
At daybreak I get up alone.
I saddle my horse myself
And go my way.
The trails are all washed out.
I go up and down, picking my way
Through storm clouds on the mountain.
Red cliffs, green waterfalls, all
Sparkle in the morning light.
— Han Yu
Oct 28 2018
The old guest master tells me
There are ancient paintings on the walls.
He goes and gets a light.
I see they are incomparably beautiful
He spreads my bed and sweeps the mat.
He serves me soup and rice
It is simple food but nourishing.
— Han Yu
Oct 27 2018
Among the Cliffs

The path up the mountain is hard
To follow through the tumbled rocks.
When I reach the monastery
The bats are already flying.

I go to the guest room and sit
On the steps. The rain is over.
The banana leaves are broad.
The gardenias are in bloom.
— Han Yu
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