Sep 30 2018

“Wisdom is a reliable vessel to bring you across the ocean of old age, sickness, and death. It is a bright lamp that brings light into the darkness of ignorance. It is an excellent medicine for all of you who are sick. It is a sharp ax to cut down the tree of delusion.

"Thus, you can deepen awakening through the wisdom of listening, contemplation, and practice. If you are illuminated by wisdom, even if you use your physical eyes, you will have clear insight. This is called to cultivate wisdom.”

— Buddha
Sep 29 2018

The Buddha said, “Monks, if you have wisdom, you are free from greed. You will always reflect on yourself and avoid mistakes. Thus you will attain liberation in the dharma I am speaking of. If you don’t have wisdom, you will be neither a follower of the way nor a lay supporter of it, and there will be no name to describe you.”

— Buddha
Sep 28 2018

The seventh awakening is “to cultivate wisdom.” It is to listen, contemplate, practice, and have realization.

— Dogen (200-1253)
Sep 27 2018

The Buddha said, “Monks, if you gather your mind it will abide in stability. Then you will understand the birth and death of all things in the world. You will continue to endeavor in practicing various aspects of meditation.

When you have stability, your mind will not be scattered. It is like a well-roofed house or a well-built embankment, which will help you maintain the water of understanding and keep you from being drowned. This is called stability in meditation.”

— Buddha
Sep 26 2018

The sixth awakening is to practice meditation. To abide in dharma without being confused is called “stability in meditation.”

— Dogen
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