Aug 31 2018
How boring to sit idly on the floor,
not meditating, not breaking through.
Look at the horses racing along the Kamo River!
That's zazen!
— Daito (1282-1337)
Aug 30 2018
Who says my poem is a poem?
My poem, in fact, is not a poem.
When you realize that my
Poem is not a poem,
then we can discuss poetry.
— Ryokan
Aug 29 2018
Stopping in the Mountains

I spend my days in grass-woven robes
eating wild vegetables

A thousand peaks fill my eyes
all day long

Don't remember how many times
green's turned to yellow
— Jakushitsu (1290-1367)
Aug 28 2018
In my little begging bowl
Violets and dandelions,
Mixed together
As an offering to the
Buddhas of the Three Worlds.
— Ryokan (1758-1831)
Aug 27 2018
With the inward eye looking
At the external world
Where does the external world come from?
And where does it disappear to?
Looking at it again and again,
One distinguishes between the inner
And outer world between true and false.
— Po-Chu-i (772-846)
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