Jun 30 2018
The moon illuminates
A thousand peaks with
The brilliance of daylight.
The sound of the bell
Falls on my pillow
Of old friend’s poems;
In my thin monk’s robes,
Unafraid of the frost’s harshness,
I rise, roll up the thin blinds,
Sit in the depths of the night.
— Tesshu Tokusai (d. 1366)
Jun 29 2018
Cold Cliff’s remoteness
Is what I love.
No one travels this way;
Clouds lie around on the peaks;
A lone gibbon howls on the ridge.
What else do I cherish?
It’s good to grow old content.
Cold and heat change my appearance;
The pearl of my mind stays safe
— Cold Mountain
Jun 28 2018
Mind, mind, mind—
Above the Path.
Here on my mountain,
Gray hair down,
I cherish bamboo sprouts,
Brush carefully
By pine twigs.
Burning incense,
I open a book:
Mist over flagstones.
Rolling the blind,
I contemplate:
Moon in the pond.
Of my old friends,
How many know the Way?
— Zengetsu (833–912)
Jun 27 2018
Don’t do anything
Whatsoever with the mind—
Abide in an authentic,
Natural state.
One’s own mind,
Unwavering, is reality.
The key is to meditate
Like this without wavering.
Experience the great reality
Beyond extremes.
— The Nun Niguna
Jun 26 2018
Luminous is this mind,
Brightly shining,
But it is colored by the
Attachments that visit it.
This, unlearned people
Do not really understand,
And so do not cultivate the mind.

Luminous is this mind,
Brightly shining,
And it is free of the
Attachments that visit it.
This the noble follower
Of the way really understands;
So for them there is
Cultivation of the mind.
— Buddha from the Anguttara Nikaya
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